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Real History of Oghuz Khan in kurulus Osman & Dirilis Ertugrul

   Real history of Oghuz Khan in Dirilis Ertugrul and Kurulus Osman

Oghuz Khan seal has been shown so many times In Dirilis Ertugrul and we also witnessed that everyone was running after it. The Mongol’s leader Genghis Khan wanted that seal at any xo. Noyan even kidnapped a woman of Kayi tribe just because of that seal. Still the Kayi didn’t hand that seal over to Noyan. Why? Was that seal more important than anything else?

After this, they bring this seal into Kurulus Osman. Being unfamiliar with history, many people were listening to Oghuz Khan’s name for the first time. So a lot of thoughts came in mind, like why this seal is so important? Who was Oghuz khan? What is the real history of Oghuz Khan in Dirilis Ertugrul and Kurulus Osman? And the good news is, we have the answers of all these questions. So let’s dive deep into the content.

Real history/background of Oghuz khan

Oghuz khan is also called Oguz Han, Oguz Qagan, Oguz Aqa, Meta Han or Oguz Ata—the legendary ancestor of the Oguz tribes and turks. According to some historians, Oghuz khan is also said to be Dhu Al-Qarnayn. The original ancient narrations of him are very similar with the Qurani account of Zulqarnain. He was a monotheist, and he made campaigns to the four corners of the world. We get details about Oghuz Khan from Oghuz Nama. Besides, Oghuz narrative is found in Rashid-al-Din’s Jama al-tawarik.

The account begins with descent from Adam (as) to Noah (as), who after the flood sends his three sons to repopulate the earth. After the flood, Noah (AS) divided the world among his three sons to repopulate the earth. Ham was sent to Hindustan, Sam to Iran, and he gave his eldest son Yafes, the Eastern Province and Turkistan.

Real History of Oghuz Khan in kurulus Osman & Dirilis Ertugrul

According to the Turk words, Yafes is nicknamed Olcay Han. He lived as a nomad and spend the summer in Karakoram. There were two cities, Talas and Sayram. These immense cities have 40 Gates. Yafes had eight sons named Turk, Khazar, Saqlab, Rus, Ming, Chin, Kemari, and Tarikh.

He selected Turk as his successor at the time of his death. Turk starts living at Issiq Kul which is now called Kyrgystan. Turk was very brave man and fought in many fields and was also succeeded by Tutek, his elder brother.

Four generations after him came two sons named Tatar and Moghul, who divided his kingdom into two parts.

Mughal Han had four cherished and popular sons: Qara Han, Or Han, Kur Han and Kuz Han. Qara Han gave rise to Oghuz khan. He was born in 1188 AD in Central Asia. The era of Oghuz khan is almost the same as Ibrahim (AS).

It is said that three days and three nights; he did not suck his mother’s milk. He consistently came into his mother’s dream. Saying to her: if you want me to suck your milk, then only praise and confess Allah. After one or two days, his mother didn’t consider it. Then after seeing the same thing at third night, she became Muslim secretly and start believing in one God (Allah) without telling her husband.

A well-known historian Abu Ghazi writes that Turkish people were already Muslims as their forefather are from Noah (AS). But at the time of Qara Han, people distract from their origin and forgot their faith in oneness of God. Oghuz came as the new hope for the Muslims and revived this Islamic faith.

He grows up super fast and lived a strict nomadic life. The horse milk was the main food for him. He became a young adult too early because of the environment. At the time of his birth, the land of the Turks were preyed upon by a dragon named Kiyant. Oghuz Khan was very famous due to his intelligence and being great in using arrows and swords. He made a plan to get rid of that dragon.

He killed a deer and hang it over the tree. When dragon came near to eat the deer, he cleverly cut his head off with his steel sword. After relaxing people from the fear of this great dragon, which was there from years, he emerged as a hero.

His father engaged him with his uncle Kuz Han’s daughter. He married to her and invited her to accept Islam. The girl didn’t listen to him, and Oghuz avoided getting close to her. When his father noticed that both of them are not happy, he asked his hand from another brother, Kurhan’s daughter. After marrying to her, he asked the same thing, but she also refused.

After some time when Qara Han realised that Oghuz is not happy with his both wives, he asked for the daughter of his younger brother. This time Oghuz repeated his demands from his life partner. First she hesitated and then accepted the religion of Oghuz. Oghuz Han really liked the obedience of this girl and showed his love and devotion for her in return.

Oghuz Khan created a special warrior band from the forty sons of forty Turk beys. He trained them and take services as he wanted. One day Oghuz Khan went for hunting with his friends and relatives. Suddenly his father came home for a meal. He then randomly asked the first two wives of Oghuz Khan that what is the matter? Why he is angry with you? These two brides were already seeking such an opportunity. They said Oghuz Khan has changed his religion. He demanded the same thing from us, but we didn’t listen to him. His third wife accepted his religion, that’s why he is happy with her. Qara Han filled with fire as he listened to these words. Qara Han first asked from his third wife, but she didn’t tell him anything. Then he went after Oghuz Khan to kill him at the hunting party.

He reached successfully to the Oghuz khan and fighting has been started among the two groups. Before this, Oghuz Khan’s wife sent a woman from neighbour to inform her husband about the situation. Meanwhile, Oghuz Khan’s father and both uncles had been killed. After then, he became the ruler of the throne.

He also had a Chinese step mother and step brother who flee to china after Qara Han’s death. All the tribes accepted the religion of Oghuz Khan (Islam). The ones who didn’t obey him, Oghuz drove them to Karakorum. Where they always keep fighting with poverty, weakness and malaise.

After taking over the throne, Oghuz khan used to spend a lot of time in praying and worshiping of Allah. Once he was praying as usual, he saw a circle of light coming from the sky. However, under that light, a supernaturally beautiful lady was standing there. He fell in love with her at first sight and married her. He has three sons whom he names Gün (Sun), Ay (Moon), and Yıldız (Star).

Later, Oghuz Khan went for hunting and sees another mesmerising girl under a tree. He marries her and brings her to the home. He has three sons whom he names Gök (Sky), Dağ (Mountain), and Deniz (Sea). After the birth of his sixth son, he arranged a splendid feast for all his beys.

At the feast he said these words :

“I became your Khan;

Let’s all take swords and shields;

Divine power will be our sign;

Grey wolf will be our battle cry;

Our iron lances will be a forest;

Khulan will walk on the hunting ground;

More seas and more rivers;

Sun is our flag and sky is our tent.”


Then he sent a letter to the four corners of the world mentioning that “I am the Khan of the Turks. And I will be Khan of four corners of the Earth. I want your Obedience,”. The ruler of the right corner sent his obedience but Urum (Roman) from the left corner, does not obey Oghuz Khan. Oghuz Khan then declares a war against Urum Khan.

It is said that one night a large male wolf with grey fur comes to his tent. He said, “Peace be upon to you Oghuz, you want to march against Urum? I want to march before your army and want to guide them on the way.

Oghuz khan accepted his offer. The grey wolf marches before army and taught them the strategy of wolf warfare. The two armies then faced each other near the river Itil (Volga). Oghuz Khan with his army wins the war. Then, Oguz and his six sons carry out this mission in Caucasus, Turan, Hind (India), Persia (Iran), Misr (Egypt), and Levant (Greater Syria), with the Grey Wolf showing the best route. Oghuz becomes the Khan of the Four Corners of the Earth.

At his old age, he sees a dream. After which he calls his six sons and sends them to the East and West. His elder sons find a golden bow in the East. His three younger sons find three silver arrows in the West. They gave all this to their father, Oghuz Khan.

Oghuz Khan splits the bow into three pieces and gives each to his three older sons Gün, Ay, and Yıldız. He says, “My older sons, take this bow and shoot you arrows to the sky like this bow,” (Maybe this is the reason we see three arrows on the Oghuz khan Seal).

Real History of Oghuz Khan in kurulus Osman & Dirilis ErtugrulHe gives three silver arrows to his three younger sons Gök, Dağ and Deniz and says: “My younger sons, take these silver arrows. A bow shoots arrows and you are to be like the arrow.”  Then he passes his lands into his sons equally.

Then he says:

“My sons, I walked a lot;

I saw many battles;

I threw so many arrows and lances;

I rode many horses;

I made my enemies cry;

I made my friends smile;

I paid my debt to Allah;

Now I am giving my land to you.”

At the time of his death, he called all his sons and told them that I looked upon the mandate of my Lord (ALLAH) and now this empire would be in your hands. His sons moved to their areas as prescribed by their father. All the sons of Oghuz Khan were having their four sons by which a new tribe came into being counting about 20-24 tribes of Oghuz Turks. Out of these tribes, a tribe named Göktürks was named after his son Gök Khan, who occupied China.

Over time, these tribes started separating and getting away from Islam because of which the great empire of Oghuz Khan was divided into several parts. Out of these Göktürks, a person named Bumin (Chinese call him Tumen) established a great empire again in 6th century CE which demised in 8th century CE. Bumin had a brother named Istami (Chinese call him Shetiemi). But Allama Abu Jafar Muhammad had written his name “Sanjeho Khaqan” in his book Tareekh-e-Tabri. He established his independent state in the western areas. But over time, their empires also collapsed.

According to historian Rashid al-Din, Turks were again attracted towards Islam during the sacred period of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم). When an Oghuz’s Emir Inal Syr Yavkuy Khan sent Dede Korkut as a messenger to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم), he embraced Islam after getting impressed by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم).

He also preached Islam after coming back to his tribe. But at that time, only a few Turks embraced Islam. At the start of the 13th century CE, the Khwarazmian King had already occupied Iran, Khorasan, Syria, and Iraq. They intended to conquer all the states of the Asian continent too. But these intentions were ruled over by the cold-blooded host of Cengiz Han.

After the demise of this empire, the Turks tribe migrated towards the South. Some of them moved to Iran and Syria and remaining towards Anatolia where they met with Seljuks. Out of the tribes which took refuge under the Seljuk Empire, there was a tribe named “Kayi” whose leader was Suleyman Shah. Ertugrul was the son of Suleyman Shah and then Osman Ghazi, the son of Ertugrul Ghazi, established the Ottoman Empire.



There are hundreds of rumours about Oghuz Khan like when he was born he starts talking. And also it is famous that after four year of his birth, he became a young adult. This is not meant exactly what it seems to be. Talking too early could be mean that he was wise from the first day. Being a young adult could mean that he looks bigger than his age.

Another thing which cofuse us is how a wolf can come and see any one a way? Well, we can’t say anything about that. It could be the hidden help from Allah. As he doesn’t leave the ones alone who walks on his way.



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