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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 9 Full Synopsis

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 9 Full Synopsis

Sanjar takes Turna to the city right away. Yorgos gets relics and tries to run away. After knowing about rebelling, Melik Shah reached there and tries to calm down the public. Qasim wonders how Melik Shah could know about this attack. However, Melik Shah orders his army to attack the rebel when the situation becomes out of control. Behram stands in the favour of Hassan and says that he must be the leader instead of Dai. Hassan then kills Dai and becomes the leader.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 9 Full Synopsis

Tapar noticed some Byzantine soldiers during the attack and tells Melik Shah. Thereupon, Melik Shah says that there must be a traitor in the palace. Melik Shah gives Elcin a job to find out that traitor. Sanjar and Arslantas take Turna to the hospital. Somehow, she recovers soon and opens her eyes. Sanjar talks to Turna about her health. Yorgos couldn’t go to the Harbor. He then goes to Kuvel. Nizam tries to prove the innocence of Sanjar to Illteber. Illteber blames Sanjar for what happened to Turna.

Sanjar is about to set out for relics. Suddenly a message comes from Nizam. Nizam says that Tajul Muluk wants to meet you. Melik Shah learns Dukas has been killed and everyone knows about Sanjar. Hassan checks out all the systems after becoming a leader and says that I will establish a new order. Nizam gets the trust of Sanjar and says he wants to protect him. At the moment, he ties his hands. Yorgos returns to the castle. Andreas becomes furious on Yorgos. Yorgos then says he will go to the Constantinople at the right time with the relics.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 9 Full Synopsis

Sanjar unties his hands and about to escape but Melik Shah comes there. Sanjar tells him he must sneak into the castle to bring the relics. First, he gets angry and then allows him to go there. Nizam invites Melik Shah in the palace saying that some important matters to be discussed. Melik Shah makes Hassan the head of ambassadors. Sanjar tells that the people who have stolen the relics and kidnapped Turna are in the Kuvel castle.

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Nizam learns that fire in the Khayyam’s house was made by a blacksmith. He then looks for this blacksmith. Hassan arranges a meeting with Fatimids and tells them about his alternative plan. Hassan commits to fight for the state they will establish. The Fatimids listens to Hassan and accepts him as a new leader. Sanjar takes his way to the Kuvel castle along with the cars carrying steel sent by Ilteber. Seferiye regrets what she has done with her sister. She gets up and asks for forgiveness from Tapar. Sanjar arrives at that castle with Ilteber’s sent steel and says that I will act tonight.

Terken went to the Basulu’s grave and asks why this grave is in such a deserted place. Hassan makes a plan to sneak into the Nizam’s room to learn all the secrets. However, a spy reaches and tells that Sanjar is going to Kuvel castle tonight. Hassan then sends this message to Andreas and tells him to take action to retrieve the relics. Sanjar seized some Byzantine guards and asks about Yorgos’s room. He then heads off to his room, but Yorgos was escaped from a secret tunnel. Sanjar was captured by Andreas, and Andreas says he will send his head to Melik Shah.



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