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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 126 Full Synopsis


Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 126 Full Synopsis

Tahsin comes to the Abdulhamid’s room and order to arrest the young doctor. Bidar injects this poisonous drug into her body. Tahsin gets angry on the young doctor and asks for the antidote. Manyas misleads Ahmed and says he helped Ismail. The doctor tries to save Bidar. Fatma still not talk to her sister. Manyas and Mason pasha talks to increase the measures.

Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 126 Full Synopsis

Manyas goes to Thessaloniki to inquire about Ahmed. Abdulkhadir tries to get the formula of the antidote from the doctor. Grand Vizier and Tahsin question the young doctor about who he represents. Isaac tells Hechler about the Factory’s condition and says that they have sold it to the state. Meanwhile, Abdulhamid opens his eyes and asks Tahsin what happened here.

Abdulhamid knows about Bidar’s situation and goes to see her. Bidar becomes happy to see Hunker walking on his own feet once again. Ahmed is now working for masons and believe everything Manyas says to him. Abdulhamid asks detail of the recent events from Tahsin. He becomes furious, knowing that Ismail has been exiled. Manyas returns to the Payitaht and meets with Ahmed. Esref raids in a warehouse with spies and comes out with rifles and a bag full of Arminian currency.

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Abdulhamid calls in the palace and talks with Ahmed. Ahmed ensures his loyalty with him. Ahmed says some people want to kick me out of the palace. Esref goes to the place where the money was minted. He then realises some agencies are working to establish an Armenian state here. Abdulhamid says he trusts only Ismail and Tahsin and orders them to test Mahmud. Abdulhamid listens to the ideas of Ismail. Sabahaddin and Karasu force Talat to work for the masons. Talat then says that I have some conditions for that.

Abdulhamid orders the soldiers to monitor all Pashas except Mahmud. Esref becomes suspicious about Vahap and shows him the money he got from the warehouse. He then asked him about the printing press of this currency. Vahap says he knows nothing about the printing press of this currency. Karasu explains Talat that how to work for the Mason and also asks him about his plans. Talat advises him to form an organization and attract as many people as they can.

Tahsin goes somewhere with Mahmud and leaves him in the centre of the road. He asks for help from him, but Tahsin doesn’t listen to him. Esref goes to his favourite coffee shop and talks to the mafia leaders there. Tahsin returns towards Abdulhamid and tells that Mahmud’s illness is real.

Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 126 Full Synopsis

Thereupon, Abdulhamid calls to Mahmud and says that he trusts him. Abdulhamid becomes suspicious about illegal weapons entering the country. The man bringing the guns tells Hunker that he has an address. At the moment, Tahsin noticed this address belongs to Selim. Abdulhamid then inquires about Selim.

Ahmed tells Abdulhamid that Grand Vizier orders to arrest the students who get visas from the British embassy. Grand Vizier has done this all with the influence of Selim. Hechler comes and tells that the students will go to England. Abdulhamid then advises all to stay calm and act wisely. However, students were in anger and talk badly about Hunker and soldiers. Ahmed can’t take it anymore and shot the students. Tahsin runs to the palace and tells Abdulhamid that Ahmed Shot the students.



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