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Destan Episode 4 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 4 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 2 Review

Doctor asks Alpagu to go back to bed. Alpagu asks Danis what happened in his absence. Alpagu asks Danis not to tell anyone that he has woken up and begins to secretly watch the people in the palace. Akkiz and other women go to the dungeon as captives. Akkiz asks Tutkun questions there. Temur tells everyone that one of the captive girls killed Kirac. Temur then says he wants to attack the Dag tribe. Saltuk says he attacked there before, but he couldn’t find anything there. Kaya asks Saltuk to go back to the Dag tribe and bring Colpan. Saltuk sets out with the soldiers of Kaya.

Batuga uses a secret tunnel to go somewhere near the dungeon. Akkiz sees the hole in the wall and looks from there. Akkiz sees Batuga. Batuga begins to tell Akkiz how to escape from the dungeon, but she says that Colpan will come. Saltuk goes to the Dag tribe and finds Colpan. Saltuk secretly talks to Colpan and says he has to take her to the palace. Colpan takes the gold that Akkiz gave earlier and goes to the palace with Saltuk. While everyone is asleep, Akkiz goes to the wall with the hole to talk to Batuga. Akkiz asks Batuga to come to the Dag tribe.

Kaya learns that Kircicek’s maid has left the palace and realizes that something is wrong. Commander Pars is very surprised to learn that Alpagu is still not dead and reads the message Balamir sent. Kaya and Temur realize that Balamir’s soldiers will attack soon. Balamir then goes to his room and drinks sherbet before going to sleep. Balamir falls into a deep sleep as Ece puts opium in this sherbet. Ece then goes to Balamir’s room and asks one of her men to strangle Balamir. Just then, Alpagu comes and stops this man. Ece is very surprised to see Alpagu. Alpagu says Balamir should not die.

Kaya sits on his father’s throne and says that he is now Khan’s deputy. Balamir objects to this and asks Danis to do something. Danis says this is not a problem. Balamir says he is the one who knows the custom best. Ece asks Balamir to be quiet. Balamir gets very angry and leaves the room. Balamir says he will kill everyone in the palace. Kaya then orders Colpan to be brought. Colpan says she wanted Alpagu dead but did not help the woman who attacked him. Kaya says that this woman is from the Dag tribe. Colpan says she thinks that woman was just a hungry person.

Temur looks at the women one by one. Kaya then asks questions about the woman who came to the tribe. Akkiz starts to say something. Kaya tries to deceive the women during the interrogation. Because Batuga learned that the women would be questioned, he secretly goes to the dungeon and informs Akkiz. Thanks to what Akkiz learned from Batuga, she warns her friends and saves Colpan’s life. Danis says Colpan is innocent. The captives are then taken to the garden of the palace. Ece starts bargaining with Colpan about the prisoners. Colpan says she has no gold to pay for the captives and returns to her tribe.

Meanwhile, Alpagu comes to the garden of the palace and starts talking to his sons. Balamir says he is happy to see Alpagu and takes action to leave the palace. Alpagu asks Balamir to leave Kircicek in the palace. Balamir asks if Kircicek is a prisoner. Alpagu talks to Balamir and says everything depends on his decision. Balamir immediately takes action and goes to his army. Kaya follows his uncle. Balamir gets angry when he sees his drunken soldiers, but Kaya calms him down. Later, on Alpagu’s order, marriage preparations begin immediately. Batuga goes to his room and starts screaming.

How to watch Destan Episode 4 English & Urdu Subtitles

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Destan Episode 4 English Subtitles HD 1080

Destan Episode 4 Urdu Subtitles HD 1080



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