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Destan Episode 2 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 2 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 1 Review

Akkiz goes to the edge of a river in her dream and sees her father there. Her father gives her a blue arrow and asks her to use it. Akkiz shoots this arrow into the heart of an eagle statue and soon wakes up. Fifteen years ago, while Alpagu was advancing with his soldiers, the Chinese army attacked him. Balamir finds the map in the hand of one of the dead soldiers and begins to read what is written on it. Meanwhile, Tilsim goes to a place with her son to escape to her father. Alpagu catches her as she is about to flee and kills her for being a traitor.

Akkiz gives Batuga one of the wooden swords her father made to cheer him up. Tilsim’s father attacks Alpagu but fails. Alpagu kills Khan first and then Akkiz’s father there. Alpagu says he killed these people for their treason and asks Colpan to leave these lands as soon as possible. Alpagu then goes to a lakeside with his son and tells him not to be upset because his mother is a traitor. Batuga vows never to speak to his father again until he dies. The Dag tribe hold a funeral for the dead.

After the ceremony, Kun says that all Turks will unite after a while thanks to the two headed wolf. Colpan says she will avenge her family and kill Alpagu no matter what. Later, the Dag tribe migrates to find a new home. Alpagu returns to his palace and orders all Dag tribesmen to be killed in the palace. Ece says that she has said before that Tilsim is a traitor. Temur says he understands his brother’s pain. A short time later, Balamir arrives and tells that all Dag tribesmen in the palace have been killed. Saltuk says that Batuga is Khan’s son and therefore should not be killed, but Danis objects to him.

Alpagu asks his son Temur to catch this looter as soon as possible. Akkiz climbs a tree near the palace and begins to watch it. Saltuk comes to the palace and tells that Balamir let his daughter get married. Alpagu says that Batuga will marry Balamir’s daughter and orders the preparations to begin. Temur’s wife says everything is going well and Temur can be Khan. The next morning, Temur says he sent soldiers to find the looter. Ece says it is not right for Balamir’s daughter to marry Batuga. Ece says that Batuga lost his mind years ago.

Alpagu and his family set out to go to Balamir’s palace. Akkiz convinces her friends to attack and begins to wait. Akkiz kills all but one of the soldiers guarding the car. Akkiz then releases the ten captive women in the car and opens the chest. Akkiz says that the captives are free now and gives them the gold in the chest. Sirma looks at the fabrics they have seized and says that thanks to them, she can marry now. After a while, Alpagu and his soldiers arrive at the attack site. Temur sends the soldiers to look for the two headed wolf.

Ece says that this attack happened because they did not make a vow to God and asks Alpagu to pray soon. Alpagu sees his son Batuga is alone by the lake and goes to talk to him. Akkiz sees that Batuga is still alive and is very happy. Alpagu says he can only tell Batuga what’s on his mind and that he is important no matter what for him. Alpagu asks Batuga to speak once more and even begs him, but he still does not speak. Akkiz says that Alpagu is far away and that’s why she will start a fire. Ece begins to pray to God and asks permission for this marriage.

How to watch Destan Episode 2 English & Urdu Subtitles

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Destan Episode 2 English Subtitles HD 1080

Destan Episode 2 Urdu Subtitles HD 1080



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