Kurulus Osman Episode 74 (Season 3 Episode 10) English & Urdu Subtitles Watch Free

Kurulus Osman Episode 74 (Season 3 Episode 10) English & Urdu Subtitles Watch Free

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 74 (Season 3 Episode 10) English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Kurulus Osman Episode 73  Review

Cornelia goes to Turgut’s tent that night and asks him to save Mari. Turgut asks Cornelia to go back to the castle and says he will give his answer as soon as possible. Rogatus asks Julia to kill the governor and his daughter. Saguros and his daughter go to the Turkish tribe. Osman welcomes his guests. The governor says he likes everything and goes to Osman’s tent to talk to him. The governor’s daughter, Hera, tours the tribe and tries to learn about the Turks. Turgut thinks he should help Mari and takes action to talk about this issue with Osman. Osman asks the governor about Byzantium and then informs him about the Seljuks.

A soldier of Turgut goes to the castle and tells Cornelia that she needs to be prepared for escape. Osman goes to Sogut with the governor. The Governor is very surprised to see how big Sogut is and continues to tour the city. Osman then introduces the governor to the Sheikh. Sheikh shows the merchants and explains how the products are of such high quality. Meanwhile, Julia tries to approach the governor but fails. Nikola asks Kosses about marriage. Kosses says he tried to persuade Mari to have this marriage.

Osman asks Turgut to help Mari and gives her some of his soldiers. After the governor talks with some merchants, he goes to the inn with the Sheikh. Julia changes her plan and plans to send her assassins to the inn’s kitchen. That night, Osman prays in the inn with his guests and then starts to eat. Julia’s men kill the cooks in the kitchen and dress like them. The assassins then enter the hall with the trays and attack. The governor and Goktug are wounded by poisoned arrows. Osman immediately calls Abdal.

The soldiers run the governor and Goktug to a safe room. Osman orders the attackers to be caught immediately. Abdal says he gave the antidote to the governor and then goes to Goktug’s room. Julia tries to find out if the governor is dead. Hera goes to Goktug’s room and thanks him for saving her life. Later, Abdal heals Goktug’s wound and tells him a story about love. After a while, the governor opens his eyes and thanks Osman. Osman then talks to his soldiers and says they will go to Inegol with Saguros. Julia returns to the castle and tells Kosses that she could not kill the governor.

Some Byzantine soldiers try to stop Osman on the way, but the governor says everything is normal. Rogatus goes to Nikola’s castle with his most talented tailor. The tailor begins to sew a dress for Nikola’s wedding. Rogatus says that Julia failed to assassinate and Nikola gets very angry. While Turgut is waiting in the forest with his soldiers, he learns that Mari is on the way. Nikola says he will do this marriage to gain more power and sets out to get Mari. Osman says goodbye to the governor near Inegol and begins to sneak up on the mine.

Kosses asks Mari not to go. Mari goes to Turgut and runs away to the forest with him. Nikola asks all his soldiers to follow Turgut. Osman goes near the iron mine and tells his soldiers about the attack plan. Byzantine soldiers follow Mari using dogs. The Turks begin to attack the mine. Cerkutay realizes that Osman is starting to attack and kills the Byzantines inside the mine. Osman seizes the mine a short time later. Turgut enters a secret well with Mari to hide from Nikola. Nikola realizes that Turgut is there and tries to open the entrance.

Kurulus Osman Episode 74 (Season 3 Episode 10) with English & Urdu Subtitles

Watch or Download Kurulus Osman Episode 74 English Subtitles (Season 3 Episode 10) & Kurulus Osman Episode 74 Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost. Kurulus Osman episode 74 trailer with English & Urdu Subtitles is also available here. Kurulus Osman episode 74 release date is 09-12-2021Kurulus Osman episode 74 will be on-air on ATV Channel in Turkish. The live streaming of Kurulus Osman episode 74 in Turkish can be achieved by Clicking Here. Those who can understand Turkish will be able to watch Kurulus Osman episode 74 even later by Clicking Here but ATV Youtube channel uploads the episode later.

Kurulus Osman Episode 74 English Subtitles

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