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Destan Episode 13 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 13 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 12 Review

In previous episode, Alpagu says that this child has a crippled hand and returns it to Tilsim. Tilsim asks Khan what the name of this baby will be. Khan takes his son in his arms and takes him to the throne room. Toygar asks what his grandson’s name will be, but Alpagu says he hasn’t made a decision yet. A long time passes and Batuga grows up. Batuga spends time with Temur and paints in the theater of the palace. Ece hates Batuga more and more and always says she does not like him. Tilsim gets pregnant every time, but doesn’t have another child other than Batuga. Ece says Tilsim doesn’t treat her children well.

Batuga looks at the food on the table. Alpagu asks Balamir about China. When Ece is about to drink the sherbet on the table, Batuga shouts and stops her. Batuga says this glass doesn’t belong to the palace. Alpagu realizes that there’s a toxic drink in this glass and begins to ask the retainers questions. The homicide in the palace kills himself in order not to speak. After this incident, Alpagu says he’ll give his son a name. Toygar and Colpan go to the palace. Colpan talks to Batuga and practices swordsmanship with him. Everyone goes to the throne room and starts harkening to Khan.

Alpagu tells about the heroism of his son and announces to everyone that his name is Batuga. After learning the name, Batuga asks his father if he can come a Khan in the future. Danis says Batuga won’t be a Khan in the future. Ece says that Khan has two further sons, but Balamir says they’ve Russian blood.Saltuk asks who this snake is. Ece writes a communication to Tilsim using Dag Khan’s name and asks her to escape from the palace. Yibek intimately takes this communication written by Ece to Tilsim. Tilsim thinks that this false communication came from her father and escapes with her son using the secret lair in the palace.

Batuga remembers this event over and over and thinks that perhaps they should stay in the palace. As Tilsim is about to cross the swash, Alpagu comes and kills the Dag’s dogfaces. Alpagu takes Batuga and asks Tilsim why she ran down. Tilsim says she’s innocent and noway betrayed Khan, but Alpagu kills her. The coming day, Yibek tells Ece that Alpagu killed Tilsim. Alpagu also goes to the Dag with Tilsim’s cadaver and kills Toygar for his business. Alpagu also says that he has expatriated the people of the Mountain and returns to the palace with his son.

But Batuga says he’ll noway talk to his father again. Alpagu orders all those from Dag in the palace to be killed. Batuga realizes that his life is in peril and goes to the throne room. Alpagu orders Batuga to be executed. The cutthroat puts the arc on Batuga’s neck. Batuga can not take it presently and faints. Alpagu and Temur try to wake Batuga. Indeed though Batuga is only ten times old, he starts to lie to his father and starts acting like a crazy sprat. Alpagu thinks Batuga will recover soon and waits in the palace for about a month.

How to watch Destan Episode 13 English & Urdu Subtitles

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Destan Episode 13 English Subtitles HD 1080

Destan Episode 13 Urdu Subtitles HD 1080



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