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Kurulus Osman Episode 157 (157 Bolum )

Title:Kurulus Osman Episode 157
Release Date:25 April 2024
Stars:Ugur GünesDilin DogerMehmet Ali Nuroglu
Based OnNuruddin Zingi and Saladin Eyyubi
Directed by:Sedat Inci
Written by:Feyza AltindalHasan EmirezSerdar Özönal
Produced by:Sezgin AcunerKashif AnsariEmre Konuk
Genre:History, Action, Adventure

Kurulus Osman Episode 156 Summery

In Episode 156 of Kurulus Osman, Osman Sardar’s tribe celebrates the wedding of his son and Hanki. Osman is informed that his soldiers have discovered Koh-i-Noor, prompting him to embark on a quest to seize it. Meanwhile, Sardar Yaqoob discovers Gonca Khatoon’s deceitful daughter and instructs her to wed Ahmed, Ibrahim’s influential son. The threat of punishment hangs over her and Alauddin if any misstep occurs.

Ibrahim’s wife and Ahmed reach the Germiyan tribe, where they are welcomed by Yaqoob. Osman successfully eliminates Alauddin and captures Koh-i-Noor, but an intervention by a Mongol soldier dispatched by Ibrahim diverts Osman’s attention, allowing him to escape. Ibrahim then extends an invitation to Osman to join forces, promising to bolster his standing.

Osman’s disappointment at not finding gold fuels his anger upon returning to his tribe, despite the festivities of the wedding. Amidst discussions, Yaqoob accuses Osman of manipulating his tribe to eliminate Imran Tegin. Though infuriated, Osman restrains himself in light of the celebratory atmosphere.

Alauddin uncovers Yaqoob’s treachery and schemes by revealing Osman’s directive to abduct Gonca Khatoon during the wedding. As the evening approaches, both Yaqoob and Ibrahim partake in the ceremony, but Ahmed harbors suspicions. A clash ensues between Alauddin and Ahmed, resulting in Ahmed’s incapacitation and Alauddin’s departure.

A Mongol soldier’s actions lead to Ahmed’s demise, with blame falling on Alauddin for the murder. Alauddin dispatches Ahmed’s body to the Kayi tribe, signaling an impending conflict between Germiyan, Jandar, and Kayi tribes, favoring Aljaito Khan. Enraged, Ibrahim confronts Alauddin, culminating in the conclusion of Episode 156.

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