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Destan Episode 12 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 12 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 11 Review

In the previous episode, Temur realizes that Batuga can actually speak. Temur gets veritably angry with his family and slaps him numerous times. Temur asks Batuga why he prevaricated and says he does not trust him presently. Saltuk is happy to learn that Batuga is normal. When Ece returns to the palace, she asks if Batuga is dead. Vargi tells her that their plan didn’t work. Batuga and Saltuk talk about recent events. Temur returns to the delve and starts asking Batuga questions. Batuga says he did everything to cover his family. Temur says he prefers to die rather of living this taradiddle and leaves the delve again.

Batuga begins to exercise swordsmanship, which he learned from Temur when he was little. In the morning, Akkiz starts to train with Batuga. After the fire, Tai establishes a new headquarters in another part of the timber. Tai begins to torture Yaman and Sirma, but can not learn anything from them. Uzdu meets with Balamir and tells him that Alpagu will choose a new Yabgu. Meanwhile, Saltuk comes to Dag and asks Kun Ata for help. Vargi intimately begins to follow Saltuk. Ethnical leaders come to Alpagu’s meeting. Alpagu shows everyone the throne that Balamir has broken and says that he’ll declare Kaya the new Yabgu. Uzdu says that Kaya is inexperienced.

Kaya says that Uzdu helped Balamir and Alpagu kills him. While Vargi is about to attack Akkiz, Temur comes. Akkiz starts looking for her musketeers thanks to Borte. Vargi cancels the attack and starts chasing them again. Tutkun asks Yaman to tell the verity about Akkiz, but Sirma asks him to keep quiet. Ece tries to calm Alpagu but fails. Vargi tells Ece that he couldn’t kill Batuga and Akkiz. Ece asks Vargi to talk to the clerk to break this problem definitively. The clerk asks who burned the canopies, but Vargi says he knows nothing. Mei tells Vargi that Akkiz is the claw of the two headed wolf. The clerk says they will catch Akkiz.

Vargi incontinently tells Ece what he learned. Ece goes to talk to Alpagu again and tells him that Akkiz is a claw. Alpagu asks Ece to keep this information nonpublic and noway talk about it. Ece doesn’t understand what’s going through Alpagu’s mind, but says she’ll observe his order. Temur returns to the palace with Batuga. First Calayir leverages Batuga and also Alpagu. Akkiz sneaks into the palace and watches Batuga from hence. Saltuk says he saved Batuga from Balamir’s men. Alpagu says he’ll discipline Balamir as soon as possible. Temur also goes to Mei’s room and asks her to release Akkiz’s musketeers.

Temur blames China for what happed to Batuga. The clerk shows Tutkun’s hair and asks Temur to calm down. After Temur leaves the room, Akkiz comes and asks what she should do to save her musketeers. The clerk asks Akkiz to advertise to everyone in the palace that she’s a claw. Colpan returns to the lineage and tells Balamir what Alpagu has done. Balamir also talks to Uzdu’s son and provokes him against Alpagu. While Batuga is talking to Kircicek, Alpagu comes. Alpagu tells Batuga that he’s veritably sorry about what happed. Batuga also returns to the secret lair in the palace and begins to exercise swordsmanship with Akkiz.

How to watch Destan Episode 12 English & Urdu Subtitles

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Destan Episode 12 English Subtitles HD 1080

Destan Episode 12 Urdu Subtitles HD 1080



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