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Watch Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 16 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 16 Summary

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 16, If it was not for Murat, may Allah forbid, they would be successful, Reis. They informed the castle, Reis. They were waiting for us. What are we going to do now Reis? Where are the galleysThey are stationed in this area, Reis. And the castle is right there. Are they standing still? There are two horses. The ones in front roam around, and those in the back are free. Then, we will go to the island from this way. With one ship, Reis? They would drown us before we even get close. We will remove the forward ships from their positions.

We’ll make them follow us. We will take advantage of the darkness of the night and land on the island from where I said. They entered my room and took the antidote, Chev! You will find that spy that is in my palace! As you say my Emperor. I trust you. Chev. Pope’s death has saddened Isabelle a little bit. Follow her closely. Even though she doesn’t admit it. She was the only one who knew where the antidote was. She was always with you my Emperor. I don’t think she betrayed you. If it’s not her, who is it?

We were taking the letters you sent to the Cardinals. We were ambushed on the way. -What happened to the letters? Those who ambushed us took everyything. Did you see who was that? -His face was covered my queen. Whoever was that I wounded him from his shoulder. It’s from Admiral Doria, sir. Sir. Barbarossa and Doria is on the sea. They are going to fight. Doria is waiting for help. Stop the letters that going to CardinaThe Pope is alive. Do you understand? As you say, sir. Are you going to send helpI’ll go myself. Pargali Ibrahim, as we have foreseen. He trusted us.

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We wanted information that only Ottoman intelligence could cover,And he handed it to us. What’s your purpose Admiral Doria? You know that I am soldier working for money. Everybody wants to hire me. Charles, Francis, Pargali. However, I do not want to be bought anymore. Why would it matter to you? Money is money. No matter who you will fight for, outcome will be the same. Isn’t that the only thing you earn? I don’t think you have another purpose. You’re wrong. I will conquer money. It won’t be the other way around anymore. And how will that be? You know what’s in this castle as well.

That’s why I’m here. So you want to get the map, and go to the island? No, Luna. I want to get a part of the money, that you and the Island conquer. And I want to buy the men, who buy me with money. Charles, Francis and even Pargali. You’re here now, because of Pargali. Because of what he has given to you. Even with his men. We will solve the Kemankesh Pasha and soldier problem. Do you act without my permissionWhy would it matter? Aren’t we on the same page? True. Why would it matter, right? What is your order? You will stay hungry for a while today. My advice to you don’t eat from the ship.

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