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Watch Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 19 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 19 Summary

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 19, Make the wishes of our doctors come true with our money. Bless them. The order is given by our Seraskier Sultan. Attention!  Sultan Suleyman Khan! Ibrahim. Don’t stand up, Ibrahim. Don’t get up. My Hunkar. Thanks to Allah, Who did not make me grieve over you. Thanks to Allah Who let me. see you once again. What is the situation? Thanks to Allah, he was not badly injured, my Hunkar. May my Allah heal you with His name Shaafi. Ameen.

If the whole world pointed a gun, this would be the only wound it would cause for those who have breath to take water to drink, a sword to swing an arrow to shoot and those whose death does not come with Allah’s consent, my Hunkar. Did you see who shot you? One of Hayreddin’s Reises Seydi Ali, my Hunkar. He pulled the trigger while he was looking into my eyes. Don’t they know that what is done to you is done to me? Don’t they know that we call you our brother?

Don’t they know that the bullet fired at you would be seen as fired at me? Don’t they know that I consider those who try killing you as they try killing me? May your reign last and may your life be long, my Sultan. May Allah keep you with the state, the nation and me. Ameen. Allow me. Let me punish that traitor on behalf of the state. Moreover, that bullet was not shot at me but at the state. We will do what is necessary. Whoever did this to you will be punished.

Just heal, Ibrahim. As your wound finds shifa and heals the doubts we had about you will also heal. Seyid Ali! My Reis. What did you do? I did not betray, Reis. Leave me. I will accept my punishment. I made a mistake. Let me suffer for it. What did you do? You fired and put all of us in fire! I saw, Reis. He fired. We all saw. We will listen to him first. Then I will decide. Now tell me. Why did you shoot Pargali?

I did not want to shoot Pargali. I did not shoot him. Who did you want to shoot? I saw Lord Chev in Ottoman clothes. I thought he was going to do something, I pointed my gun at him and fired. Was that Chev, Doria’s man? Yes, Kandiyeli. What was Chev doing in Ottoman clothes there? The same thing you and Salih Reis were doing in Charles’ palace. What are we going to do now, Reis?

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Why did he do this? Who gave him the order? Was it a personal assassination? What do you think about this? My Hunkar. I could not check yet. I know. Ibrahim Pasha is not worth anything to you now. Astagfurullah, my Hunkar. But for me, he is still important. I can not ask for his pardon before I take revenge for the bullet that was shot at him. Surely. Question him. Yes, my Hunkar. We will raid Hayreddin Reis’ place. We will catch Seydi Ali and put him in the dungeon.

Did you plan this? Ya. . . What did you think? Who can shoot me. . . . unless I want them to? His head will fall before him. . . . . . before he can reach for his gun. What about your wound? It’s not important. Doctors have opened a little wound. It just hurts a little. May it heal soon. EyvAllah. She knows. Then. . . keep your promise. Free Admiral Doria. Don’t worry. I will keep my promise. 

I will free Doria. But. . . I don’t have him. What do you mean? Where is Doria? In the hands of Hayreddin Reis. Did you give him to Hayreddin? Why did you do this?  You promised me. Don’t worry. Just do not let others notice you. I will take Doria from Hayreddin’s hands. My Pasha. . . What kind of a plan did you make? I wouldn’t be able to regain. . . . . . my Hunkar’s trust until I got to the edge of the abyss. What about Chev? How could you trust him? What if he talks? He won’t have time to talk.

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