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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 123 Full Synopsis


Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 123 Full Synopsis


idar Sultan realised that Fatma Sultan is innocent. He apologised to her at Hunkar’s request. Mahmud Pasha intent to find the traitor Pasha as soon as possible. Tahsin Pasha sets in motion as he learns about it. Tahsin pasha goes to Ahmed pasha and takes his inspection. But Ahmed Pasha assures him he was innocent. Afterwards, Tahsin Pasha asked the same questions from Tewfik Pasha and Selim Pasha. All the Pashas were turned out to be innocent.

Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 123 Full Synopsis

Someone sneaked into Sultan Abdulhamid’s room, thinking no one is watching. But Abdulhamid realised this man and shot him. The next day, Ismail Pasha declared a five-day curfew in Thessaloniki. Then Hunkar Abdulhamid realised that he was not a Freemason. Pasha couldn’t understand the reason behind his decision. Hunkar Abdulhamid said that they have to stop the masons from gathering. Esref Aziz learns about the Armenians through Vahap.

Kurusu is going to build a large lodge. For this, he came to Payitaht and talks to Isaac Fernandez about it. Suddenly, Ismail Pasha calls the journalists to the home. While talking to media he confessed that he was a mason. Journalists become surprised by this news. Ismail Pasha said that Sultan Abdulhamid is responsible for all the things which have happened and are going to take place.

Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 123 Full Synopsis

Mika tells that Leon may come to take over the worker’s organization. Here Karasu and Isaac are planning about their next meeting. Suddenly, a piece of news came that Sultan Abdulhamid imposed a curfew in Thessaloniki. Karasu is still staying in Payitaht and realised that he cannot get out of Payitaht until the curfew in not lift off. Sultan Abdulhamid saw some animals in poor condition. He brings them to the palace and takes care of them. Sultan Abdulhamid then ordered that all the research and testing ever conducted be repeated. Tahsin Pasha tries to tell Sultan Abdulhamid what the newspapers have printed about Ismail Pasha. Later on, he came to know that Sultan is already know everything about him.


Mahmud Pasha is on Thessaloniki train and asks Ahmed Pasha to bring the newspaper. But, don’t know how, the newspaper is disappeared. Hechler was against the curfew and wants to lift off it. For this, he murdered a much-loved orthodox priest in Thessaloniki. Despite all this, Sultan Abdulhamid did not change his decision and sent investigators to know about the incident. Leon came to Payitaht and Esref Aziz and spies followed him to the hospital.

Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 123 Full Synopsis

Hechler comes to the palace and requests Sultan Abdulhamid to lift the ban for a particular time to attend the funeral. Sultan Abdulhamid accepted his request and drinks coffee with Hechler. Tahsin Pasha come to the Sultan and said nobody attended the funeral. Mahmud Pasha sees the murdered person’s bag in Grand Vizier’s hand when he was trying to open it. He stole the bag and gave it to the Sultan Abdulhamid. Sultan asks Tahsin Pasha to open the bag. Tahsin Pasha opens it and finds some notes. He gives all the notes to Sultan Abdulhamid. Afterwards, they realized that Ahmed Pasha is a traitor.

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