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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 11 English & Urdu Subtitles

Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 10 Summery

Selahuddin Eyyubi Episode 10 begins with a shocking day that leaves everyone’s heart pounding. We see Commander Gabriel, whom Salahuddin had thrown off a high mountain, suddenly appearing in front of everyone, revealing that he is alive. Everyone is astonished to see him alive, and he attacks Salahuddin’s fortress with his brother Gregor. He kills all the soldiers, including Salahuddin. Salahuddin is surprised to see Gabriel but manages to wound him with his sword. He sets the fortress on fire by throwing oil on it.

He takes Salahuddin’s beloved sister, Lady Victoria, with him and says that he will use her in front of Sultan Nuruddin for his defense. On the other hand, Sultan Nuruddin kills the person who was causing trouble in his family, his brother Prince Nasruddin, and all the soldiers and Turan Shah come under Sultan Nuruddin’s control.

Meanwhile, Sultan Nuruddin receives news that the fortress has been attacked and all the soldiers have been killed, and there is no trace of Prince Salahuddin. Sultan Nuruddin immediately rushes to the fortress and finds it burnt down. When they search for Salahuddin, they find a dead body with his sword and his ring in his hand. Sultan Nuruddin confirms that it is Salahuddin’s body and a mourning atmosphere takes over. Everyone starts crying. When Salahuddin’s real father, Ayub Sahib, arrives, he is deeply shocked and says that it was very difficult for him to find his grandson and now the time had come when you had to call me your father, but you left me before that. After this, Sultan Nuruddin becomes more angry at the Christians and decides to take revenge with Quds and his son Salahuddin.

Salahuddin’s body is taken to the castle where his mother Fatima Khatoon is crying. Finally, Salahuddin is buried. Then we are shown Commander Gabriel, who is celebrating the death of his brother and Princess Victoria, and is happy to eliminate his biggest enemy, Salahuddin. He says that now it is time to stop Sultan Nuruddin and tells his brother Gregor that they will go to the Boron tribe and inform them that Thuria is with us. If they want to take Thuria back, they have to join us and fight with Sultan Nuruddin. Then we are shown the Boron tribe, where everyone is worried about Lady Victoria. When Asmat Khatoon asks her brother Kara Tegin about Thuria, he says that what do I know, Salahuddin’s companion, Ghazi Sarhad, is still searching for him and he is still angry about the martyrdom of his leader and his brother Salahuddin. He goes to meet Kara Tegin, and a fight breaks out between them. But Asmat Khatoon asks them the reason, and they stop fighting. When Asmat Khatoon learns that Salahuddin has been martyred, she is very shocked.

She goes to the palace to offer condolences to Sultan Nuruddin, but Queen does not let her enter due to her anger and jealousy and throws her out of the palace. In the next scene, we see that on one side Sultan Nuruddin is preparing for war, and Salahuddin’s companions are planning to enter the city of Kulan to save Lady Victoria. On the other hand, Gregor reaches the Boron tribe and asks them to join him. But Asmat Khatoon does not give him any answer and he leaves after warning about Thuria. Meanwhile, Gabriel goes to Sultan Nuruddin and tells him that if they attack his city, they will also find the Boron tribe, who will fight against Sultan Nuruddin. Sultan Nuruddin says that no matter what power or army comes in front of me, I will not deviate from my goal.

Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 11 Release Date

Pacific Time (PT)4th Feb2:16 PM
Eastern Time (ET)4th Feb5:16 PM
British Time (GMT)4th Feb10:16 PM
European Time (CET)4th Feb11:16 PM
Turkish Time4th Feb00:16 (Gece yarısı)
Pakistan Time5th Feb(early morning)2:16 AM
India Time (IST)5th Feb(early morning)2:46 AM
Philippine Time (PHT)5th Feb(early morning)5:16 AM
Australia Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)5th Feb(early morning)8:16 AM

What will happen in Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 11

In episode 11, we see a scene that can be called a toast in the story. Fatima Khatoon, Salahuddin’s mother, goes to Omar Mullah Effendi and tells him that you used to say that my son will become a conqueror and he has been chosen to conquer Quds. But now what will you say? To which he tells her that this poor man is still searching for Salahuddin, who is searching for him in the pages of the Quran. He has been entrusted to the earth, which is an indication. On the other hand, Yaqub Sahib, Salahuddin’s father, lies on the ground in memory of his son and has a dream in which he sees his son Salahuddin alive. Salahuddin recites a verse from Surah Yusuf to him, saying that take this shirt and put it on my father’s face, which will restore his eyesight and open the eyes of all my family members.

Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles



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