Will Ertugrul Bey return in Kurulus Osman Season 2 ?


The most frequently asked question by the fans of Ertugrul is “Will Ertugrul Bey return in Kurulus Osman 2 ? “

So the answer to your questions is here:

 You will see Ertugrul  in Kurulus Osman season 2. The information from some sources is gathered that he will appear in the Kurulus Osman 2.

Ertugrul Bey

In the latest episode of Kurulus Osman it has been shown that Ertugrul is still alive. ( It was mentioned that he was in Konya and on his way back to the tribe)

Taking in account the fans and viewership of Ertugrul, production house are forced to bring Ertugrul in season of Kurulus Osman as Ertugrul’s fans are desperate to see him.

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Ertugrul Bey Return


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