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Destan Episode 9 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 9 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 8 Review

In the previous episode, Temur tries to calm Colpan down. Kun Ata finds the flower he’s looking for and begins to treat Alpagu’s crack. That night, Balamir and his army attack the palace. While Ece and Colpan are arguing about what happed to Tutkun, Balamir enters the palace. Balamir sits on the throne. Kaya and Temur try to stop Balamir. Danis stops everyone and allows Balamir to take the throne temporarily. The coming morning, Akkiz learns what happed in the palace. Akkiz tells Batuga that Balamir has taken the throne. Alpagu visits his woman’s grave. Batuga sees his mama’s grave but does nothing. Akkiz asks Alpagu to do commodity, but he says he’s not strong presently.

Kaya says that he has to marry Akkiz to come Khan, but his mama objects to him. Gunzeli says she got the bane from Kircicek, but she does not watch about the allegations against her. While Danis and Saltuk are talking about what Balamir did in the palace, Akkiz’s secret communication comes to the palace. Saltuk learns that Alpagu has a plan to expose Balamir’s unfaithful plan. Saltuk tells this plan to Kaya and takes action incontinently. Colpan says she forgives Gunseli. While Ece is talking about what to do at the meeting from Colpan, Saltuk comes and tells about Akkiz’s plan. While Kircicek is talking to Pars in the barn, Balamir comes.

Pars accepts this task and incontinently starts looking for Yaman. Kaya and Temur argue about Akkiz’s plan. Saltuk says Pars has left the palace and sets out with Temur. Alpagu talks about his nonage that night and also asks Akkiz about the sepultures. Akkiz goes to the timber the coming morning and meets with Yaman. Akkiz says she feels bad for serving her father’s killer. Yaman says Akkiz only serves Batuga and asks her to calm down. Yaman also returns to the timber to catch Pars. Saltuk returns to the palace and says that Akkiz’s trap worked. Saltuk says that Akkiz will question Pars. Alpagu begins to question Pars and asks him about plan.

That night, Akkiz goes to Batuga’s roof and starts watching Pars. Batuga tells that Pars will escape soon so they will reveal Balamir’s plan. Pars cuts the rope in his hand and incontinently returns to the palace. Colpan talks to some ethnical leaders and tells them that she’ll prove Balamir’s treason. Pars addresses to Kircicek and asks her to call Balamir. Balamir also comes to the room. Pars tells that Alpagu is still alive and what happed to him. Balamir realizes that Alpagu knows everything and kills Pars to abolish all the substantiation. Meanwhile, the dogfaces of the fake claw attack Akkiz but fail. Colpan tells that these men are all working for Balamir.

Ethnical leaders say they won’t support Alpagu and return to the palace. Colpan says Akkiz’s plan did not work. Colpan says that if Kaya marries Tutkun, she’ll support him in the council. A clerk from the Chinese palace comes and starts talking to Mei. The clerk also goes to Ece’s room and says that if Temur isn’t the Khan, the Chinese dogfaces will attack soon. Temur runs down from the palace with Tutkun and this makes Mei veritably angry. Temur rides with Turkun. Akkiz says that everything will be fine soon and it’s good that Batuga doesn’t marry Kircicek. Akkiz takes Batuga to Tilsim’s grave. Batuga talks to his mama and begins to cry.

How to watch Destan Episode 9 English & Urdu Subtitles

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Destan Episode 9 English Subtitles HD 1080

Destan Episode 9 Urdu Subtitles HD 1080



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