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Destan Episode 8 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 7 Review

In the previous episode, Khan asks who took this paper. After allowing for a while, Khan thinks that Akkiz took this paper. Tutkun is angry with Akkiz for escaping from the palace, but she says that such a thing won’t be. Yibek changes Akkiz’s clothes but can not find the communication. Alpagu says his nags are sick, so he postpones the stalking jubilee. Khan also goes to the Dag with his dogfaces. Batuga intimately goes to the dungeon and asks Akkiz why she came back to the palace. Akkiz tells that Balamir set a trap for both the claw and the Tegins.

Batuga realizes that Balamir wants to be Khan and goes out with Akkiz through the secret lair. Sirma gives Khan’s paper to Batuga and tells him that she could not get the seal. Batuga says Balamir shouldn’t die, but Akkiz objects to him. Akkiz says that Balamir will continue his attacks. Batuga tells that Balamir is still veritably strong and after his death, a great rebellion will begin. Batuga says he has to reveal Balamir’s game no matter what. That night, Yaman goes to Balamir’s roof and says he wants to work for him. Alpagu reaches Dag the coming morning and says he wants to get his sons back.

Colpan says she saved the Tegins and wants to negotiate with Khan. Alpagu says he’ll allow Dag to trade now, but Colpan asks for further. Alpagu tells Colpan that she’ll have voting power in the council and invites her to the palace. Some strong Beys come to Balamir’s roof and ask him to prove Alpagu’s weakness. Ece asks Akkiz to leave the palace, but Akkiz returns to her room without saying anything. Ece is veritably happy to see her sons and leverages them. Alpagu gets angry with Kaya and says it’s an embarrassment for the palace. Alpagu gets veritably angry with his sons and dogfaces. Khan continues talking and says he learned everything.

Alpagu thanks Akkiz and says he’ll help her. Akkiz says she wants to stay in the palace with Batuga. Khan makes Akkiz the sentry of Batuga. While Khan is talking to Saltuk, Colpan comes to the palace. Alpagu says they made peace with Dag for a time and Colpan will attend the stalking jubilee. Colpan says Tutkun will marry Kaya. Balamir hatches a plan to attack the stalking jubilee and tells his dogfaces about it. Kun Ata looks at Khan’s crack and says the sauces demanded for the drug. Khan says he can not use the necessary drug now because of the stalking jubilee.

Khan asks Akkiz if she got the communication on his armor. Meanwhile, Danis comes and tells that they plant the communication in Balamir’s room. Khan apologizes for condemning Akkiz and gives her back her clothes. Shortly later, Yaman arrives and tells Batuga that Balamir is planning an attack. Kircicek learns that she’ll not go to the stalking jubilee and incontinently goes to Ece’s room. Ece says that all women will stay in the palace. Ece also asks Kuzu to kill Akkiz during the stalking jubilee. When Kircicek returns to her room, she sees Akkiz. Akkiz says she is not the claw and Balamir will attack the Tegins. Kircicek fights with Akkiz but is defeated.

Akkiz also goes to Colpan’s room but can not find anyone there. Batuga tells that Colpan may have gone to talk to Saltuk. Akkiz goes to Saltuk’s room to check what Batuga has said. Akkiz sees Colpan talking to Saltuk and asks her to do some effects. Kuzu tells Kaya that Ece wants Akkiz to die. Kaya stops Kuzu and tells him that he wants to marry Akkiz. The coming day the stalking jubilee begins. Danis tells the nimrods which way to go. Akkiz says she wants to go hunting with Kaya and asks Khan for authorization. Kircicek goes to Gunseli’s room and gives her bane to kill Tutkun.

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