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Destan Episode 24 Review

In Destan Episode 25, Batuga says he is Alpagu’s son and brought the victory to the Turks. Obar returns to the western khanate to save his life. After the battle, Alpagu hugs his son and thanks God. Kam says Batuga is healed and they will form the two headed wolf with Akkiz. Alpagu returns to the palace that night. All the people in the city are very happy that Khan is back. Alpagu makes a speech to the people who come to the courtyard of the palace.

Some soldiers sacrifice themselves to God for Obar’s recovery. Batuga says he will join Alpagu’s army and will fight to the death against the Itbaraks. Akkiz tells Batuga that she will help in this war. Alpagu gives Batuga three arrows and a bow inherited from his ancestors. Alpagu then orders the release of thousands of horses and hugs Batuga again.

Destan Episode 25 KayiFamily

Alpagu asks Colpan to bring evidence about Vera. Obar comes to himself after a while and remembers that he did not get the crown. Obar thinks Batuga is healed by some mysterious spirits and occult knowledge. Akkiz thanks Mei for her help. Mei says she did everything to save her husband, but Temur does not believe her. Temur says that his marriage to Mei is just an agreement between the two states.

Batuga goes to a place where they can be alone with Akkiz and confesses that he loves her. Akkiz also says that she loves Batuga. Alpagu goes to see the tombstone prepared by Kaya and thinks about recent events. Kaya goes to the cemetery and says that the reason for his mistakes is loneliness. Obar thinks that Barak’s crown is in the palace and begins to prepare to enter it. Alpagu says he will attack the Itbaraks with his whole army the next morning. The wizard shows Obar the poisonous powder she has prepared.

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