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Destan Episode 10 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 10 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 9 Review

In the previous episode, Akkiz stops Balamir’s steed and catches him in the timber. Colpan arrives shortly after. Colpan demands Balamir’s release. Saltuk gets angry with Colpan and asks what happed. Colpan tells that Tutkun has escaped from the palace and that is why she has to use Balamir. Akkiz takes action to hide that the bushwhackers are from the Dag and delivers Balamir to Alpagu. The ritual begins with Khan’s appearance at the palace. Alpagu sits back on the throne and begins to watch the form. Danis says that after the form everything is fine and the throne now belongs to Alpagu. Alpagu incontinently calls Balamir and begins to judge him.

Saltuk tells everyone that Balamir will be tried for disloyalty and trying to kill Khan. Kircicek comes as a substantiation and confesses that she did everything on the orders of her father. After harkening to Kircicek, Balamir asks where the real claw is. Balamir continues to speak and tells that she poisoned Alpagu ahead. Alpagu begins to suppose about the claw. Alpagu says the council will decide on Balamir at noon. Alpagu goes to his room and realizes that Akkiz is the real claw. Ece talks to Mei and tells her that Alpagu has taken back the throne. Priest says that Temur’s conduct have damaged Mei’s honor and asks Ece to kill Tutkun.

Temur goes to an auberge outside the megacity with Tutkun. Batuga learns that the Chinese army is approaching the border and sends Yaman to find Temur. The council declares Balamir shamefaced. Alpagu says Balamir will be executed at dawn. Hearing this decision, Colpan plans to break Balamir out of the dungeon. Colpan sends a secret communication to Mei for this plan. Kircicek asks Batuga to change Alpagu’s decision and threatens him. Akkiz says she has to leave the palace after what Khan said. A short time latterly, Alpagu goes to Batuga’s room. Alpagu tells his son that Akkiz is the claw. Alpagu says he regrets telling his passions to Akkiz.

Akkiz tells Batuga that the men who abducted Balayir in the timber are working for Colpan. Akkiz is sad because she has nowhere to go presently. Priest intimately goes to meet Colpan. Colpan says she’ll find Temur but wants commodity in return. Colpan asks the clerk to take Balamir out of the dungeon. The clerk is surprised by this offer and accepts it. Saltuk realizes that the clerk is meeting with Colpan and wonders what’s going on. Colpan says she’ll abduct Balamir. Saltuk is veritably angry with this plan and says that Colpan is trying to seize the throne. Mei finds Tayangu in the palace and says she wants to talk to him.

The clerk says he took Tayangu’s family hostage. Tayangu agrees to abduct Balamir from the dungeon to save his family. That night Alpagu goes to the dungeon to speak with Balamir for the last time. The clerk and Tayangu give sleeping medicines to the dogfaces in the palace. Alpagu sends the dogfaces in the dungeon and starts drinking sherbet with Balamir. Mei sees the guards sleeping and asks Tayangu to open the dungeon door. Balamir talks about the history and sluggishly falls asleep. Saltuk realizes that commodity is wrong because he’s suddenly sleepy. Saltuk latterly sees that all the guards are asleep.

How to watch Destan Episode 10 English & Urdu Subtitles

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Destan Episode 10 English Subtitles HD 1080

Destan Episode 10 Urdu Subtitles HD 1080



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