Kurulus Osman Episode 141 English & Urdu Subtitles


Kurulus Osman Episode 140 Episode Synopsis

At this juncture, a messenger from Sultan arrives and informs Jacob Bey that there is a message. Upon reaching him, Jacob Bey expresses shared pain, attributing it to the Mongols led by Osman Bey. He tasks his man to get close to Osman Bey once again and remain loyal, despite Cerkutay’s displeasure. Jacob Bey justifies this by emphasizing that preserving his life makes the effort worthwhile, ultimately convincing Cerkutay.

In the subsequent scene, Jacob Bey and Osman Bey collaborate with their soldiers, planning a countermove against the Mongols. Osman Bey acknowledges the Mongols’ attempt to break their resolve but asserts their determination to thwart all plans. They decide to organize an evening gathering in the city, inviting everyone, but Jacob Bey declines attendance. Osman Bey instructs the commanders to prepare the army, intending to celebrate first before delivering a powerful blow to the Mongols.

The narrative shifts, showing Batur Bey investigating Hassan’s house. Unbeknownst to them, the spy Hassan tails them. Upon reaching the house, the Crusader spy has set a trap, launching arrows as they open the door. Despite the surprise attack, Batur Bey skillfully evades the arrows, leaving Hassan to witness the unfolding events. Realizing his exposure, Hassan concedes, stating that his work there is done. Batur Bey reflects on their unwitting association with a spy during shared meals. Upon leaving the house, Seljuk soldiers attack, leading to a prepared confrontation and a subsequent fight.

The scene transitions to Osman Bey deep in thought in his room about a project. Batur Bey and Konur Bey enter, revealing they have identified the spy, who turns out to be Faisal, a Christian. Osman Bey is surprised, and Konur Bey adds that although they couldn’t capture the Mongol commander, they have discovered the location of his hideout. Osman Bey reassures them, stating that he has completed his mission.

What will Happen in Kurulus Osman 141

They declare that the opportune moment for an attack has arrived. Subsequently, the scene shifts to the merchant Ayaz and the Mongol leader. While the Mongol leader indulges in a meal, the Crusader spy, Ayaz, watches him with resentment, proclaiming that his revenge remains incomplete. He insists that the revenge will only hold significance once he finishes them off. Meanwhile, they receive information about Vasilyev’s impending arrival. Upon entering, Vasilyev first updates them on the well-being of Osman Bey and Jacob Bey’s daughter. This infuriates the Mongol leader, Kara Jilasun, who demands an explanation of how they concocted the antidote. Vasilyev discloses that Batur Bey has divulged everything, deeming him useless now. Ayaz suggests patience, stating that Osman Bey and Jacob Bey will lead their enemies to a blood-soaked demise. Wise Leo advises Ayaz to take the poison used against Osman Bey, approach Jacob Bey, and falsely inform him that Osman Bey has formed an alliance with the Mongols, using the poison as evidence. This scheme aims to sow discord between Osman Bey and Jacob Bey, proving advantageous for their cause.

In the subsequent scene, Osman Bey instructs his son and others to guard a strategic position the next morning, preparing for the beheading of the Mongol leader. The following scene features Alaeddin Bey and Gonca Hatun, conversing with Saadet Hatun. Saadet Hatun has joined the city celebration invitation at her mother’s behest. During their discussion, Alaeddin Bey arrives at the border market. Gonca Hatun’s face lights up upon seeing him, prompting her to abruptly end the conversation. Alaeddin Bey proceeds to share information about Osman Bey and the Mongol leader. Gonca Hatun listens attentively, as she has a purpose in joining the celebration at her mother’s request—to relay any news related to Osman Bey.

Kurulus Osman Episode 141 Release Date

Pacific Time (PT)20 December2:16 PM
Eastern Time (ET)20 December5:16 PM
British Time (GMT)20 December10:16 PM
European Time (CET)20 December11:16 PM
Pakistan Time21 December (early morning)2:16 AM
India Time (IST)21 December (early morning)2:46 AM
Philippine Time (PHT)21 December (early morning)5:16 AM
Australia Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)21 December (early morning)8:16 AM

Kurulus Osman Episode 141 English Subtitles

The scene shifts, and we see Osman Bey reaching the border market. They find wounded people, including Jir Kutai’s son, and provide comfort. Then, they approach Mahmat Bey and ask about Yaqub Bey’s whereabouts. Mahmat Bey explains that they are exploiting the infidel’s plan to inquire about their leader’s location. Osman Bey decides to follow the path Mahmat Bey indicated.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 141 Urdu Subtitles

The scene changes once more, and we witness the confrontation between the trader Ayaz and the Mongol commander. Both are present at the same location, and Ayaz, the Crusader spy, is furious, questioning why they haven’t killed Osman yet. The Mongol commander responds that they are gathering information by exploiting the infidels, hinting at a broader plan.

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