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Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 129 English & Urdu Subtitles Free

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 129 English & Urdu Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Episode 129 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 129, Bring the Horses. Come on. Iltutan doesn’t leave Osman alone. They must be in trouble. Malhun went to the bazaar to check it, and let her know immediately Bengi Hatun. Yenisehir is under your care. Don’t be worried about being back here. Come on. Aunt-in-law. I’m coming with you. Come on. Let’s go. Bring the horses. Come on. Alps. Bring my armor too. Give me it. Iltutan come on now.

Bring us to Osman, to the kids. Come on. Come on. Salur Bey is coming. There are wounded! Slow down, Salur Bey. You opened up your tribe to us, thank you. EyvALLAH Osman Bey. Osman Bey is coming. People! Gather around! They are wounded people! Bring the healers! People! Anyone who can use a sword comes forward. Come here. Come on. We’re coming.

We’re but we bring trouble behind us too. What will we do my bey? Now everyone will create a protection wall. Salur Bey bring me all of your swords all of your arrows and bows. Now this isn’t a tribe but Turk’s last castle. As you wish my bey. Come on. Come on. Come on now. Be quicker. Archers come here. Bring all the shields come on. Come on. Close the gates. My son. Where are you going? You asked for anyone that can hold a weapon. Here I am. Of course not.

We are fighting and dying for you. My son, no. You will grow up and become a brave alp. After that, you will fight together with us. Oh, my dear. Come on now, go back to your tent. Okay, son? Alps! Come here! Take this child away. As you command my Bey. Come on son. Bring some fire, alps! Call a healer! Come on! Bring some fire! The tracks lead to a small tribe, Tekfur Hadrath.

So they are taking shelter in the tribe. They are taking shelter in their own graves! We will burn down their tribes and feast upon their blood! Warriors! Burn down the tribe that protects Osman! Put their heads on spears! Come on! Stop Nayman. I will not let Osman get away from me again. If Osman is taking shelter in there, he must have a plan. I will wait for my soldiers to be back from the forest.

Kurulus Osman Episode 129 English Subtitles KayiFamily

After that, I will destroy that tribe! Osman is within our grasp, Tekfur! Osman’s fate is death! Osman will not get away from his fate today. Come on, come on people! Be quick! My Bey. I am cauterizing it, my Bey. In the name of ALLAH, the merciful the beneficent. Oh, Shafi. In the name of ALLAH, the merciful, the beneficent. Come on Boran. Come on. Give it here brother. You will be okay, my Bey.

I am okay. No! Alps! Don’t close the gate, if we do, they will find a way to break it. But if we leave them a narrow passage, they will come in. Numbers don’t matter when it’s a narrow passage. We will be equal. Salur Bey, where is the gunpowder we gave you? That way Orhan Bey. What is it, son? Tell me. My Bey, we will defend the narrow passage as long as we can.

When we can’t anymore, they will burn in our fire. The fire of our rage! EyvALLAH son. EyvALLAH. Excuse me, father. Come on. Come on. We will defend her. We will defend it. We will, my Bey. Thank you for your bravery. Thank you. Thank you. In the past, you gave us weapons, you did not think of our tribe small. You gave us gunpowder. Now I understand the reason for it, Osman Bey.

How to Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 129 with English & Urdu Subtitles

Watch or Download Kurulus Osman Full Season in 1080 Resolution only on MultiPoint TV. Kurulus Osman episode 129 release date is 7th June 2023.

Kurulus Osman Episode 129 English Subtitles

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