Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 127 English & Urdu Subtitles Free

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Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 127 English & Urdu Subtitles Free

Kurulus Osman Episode 127 Review

In Kurulus Osman Episode 127, I didn’t tell you that I was right. I said that I fell on the right path. Ismihan Hatun. I won’t be hearing anything but his screams of pain Celali. Get him up! We couldn’t manage, huh Osman Bey? Who said that, Sultan Mesud? We haven’t lost yet. You never make a move without planning further ahead, my Bey. Osman Bey, we are already in prison, don’t torment us with curiosity. Unfortunately, Konya is under Gazan Khan’s protection. Without getting a document from him, your reign is not legitimate.

I informed Gazan Khan that Nayman and Ismihan are working together and that they try to draw Alaeddin into this. Sheykh Edebali and Turgut went to Tabriz for that. An army of Gazan Khan will arrive and get us out of here. And InshAllah, they will put you on the throne of Konya. Osman Bey, you managed to make your plan ahead of us again. But what if this army cannot reach Konya? My Bey, does our destiny depend on the army that will arrive? What if they cannot make it on time?

What will we do then? Then we will see it all end, and walk to Shahada. But no! We will not die easily. There are brave men like Salancu and Korkmaz. Now, they will arm us. And we will fight with everything we have. EyvAllah. You are coming with us, Osman Bey. Where are you taking Osman Bey, brother? You need to pass through us first! Alps, wait for a second. Come. Come here. There is no need to worry. Be cautious. We will either survive or die. Caravansary. We got good loot recently.

We will racketeer more. Where are we going now? We will collect money from the villages around. Our pockets will be filled! Agas! You ate your food. Now you must pay. He’s talking to us? Just be glad we didn’t kill you. Get away! If you don’t pay then don’t come back here. We don’t serve without money. I won’t ask you if I can come back or not! You talk too much for an innkeeper. Let’s shut you up. Let go of my son! Get out of here! Let him go. Gazan Han’s commander. You’re Esri Gulbanu.

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Great Allah. Remove all the obstacles that stop me from walking on this path. Great Allah. Make me and my children servants of Islam. Accept our prayers. Ameen. Konya is being guarded by men that are almost unbeatable. And, as you wish, your loyal soldiers are waiting at the secret passages. We put traps on these passages as well. If anyone goes through those passages then it will be their grave. What about the soldiers? Did they get in with the common folk as a precaution?

They did Mother Sultan. In case of an attack, they will rally the people and make them all fight. Good. A city that becomes a big army with its folk can not be controlled by a sword or a commander. Why are we taking these precautions, Mother Sultan? Won’t you tell? Caution is always needed Celali. Both Mesut and Osman will be killed. I’ll show my power to everyone so that if someone tries to make a move to save them they will be discouraged. Until Mesut dies. you’ll always stand behind my Sultan son, Celali. They will be people that want to kill the Sultan and leave Konya without a leader.

You’ll drown them in their own blood. Now let’s go and visit my Sultan’s son before the execution tomorrow. Sultan Alaeddin is not in his room. Where is he? What is it, Sultan? Did you want to see your servant Osman in the dungeons too? Neither I think of Osman as a servant nor he sees me as a Sultan. You’re just a traitor Osman. Sultan the nation isn’t led by you but by Mother Sultan. All the soldiers listen to her. But you overlook this. I can’t serve a man like that.

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Kurulus Osman Episode 127 English Subtitles

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