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Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 3 English, Spanish & Urdu Subtitles

Kudus Fateh Episode 2 Summery

The episode begins at the residence of Ameer Noor ul Din Zangi, where he is writing a letter mentioning his son’s name. A servant informs him of his wife’s pain, leading to a scene change where Eyyub Ba and his brother Sher Koh flee with soldiers, including Eyyub Bey’s pregnant wife. They set up a tent in distress, entrusting their children to Sher Koh.

Ameer Noor ul Din Zangi is introduced, and a sequence of events unfolds involving childbirth, the death of a child, and the subsequent death of his wife. Umar Mullah Afandi is introduced, preparing members for a holy war. Ameer Noor ul Din Zangi arrives and informs them of his child’s death, expressing his lifelong dream of justice, jihad, and conquering Quds.

Sher Koh, Eyyub Bey’s brother, arrives, revealing pursuit by Ameer Bahroz. Eyyub Ba and his wife Fatima are captured by Ameer Bahroz. Ameer Noor ul Din intervenes, killing Ameer Bahroz. Afterward, Ameer Noor ul Din expresses a desire to take Eyyub Bey’s newborn son, Yusuf, as his heir.

A conflict arises when Eyyub Bey’s wife, Fatima, opposes the separation from her son. Ayub Ba suggests her dream may be a sign, but she remains unconvinced. After apologizing, Ayub Ba consults Fatima, who insists on keeping Yusuf. Umar Mullah Afandi notices the significance of Fatima’s presence, recalling a dream about Yusuf’s fate.

Umar brings Yusuf to Ameer Noor ul Din Zangi, who changes the child’s name to Salahuddin and takes him away. The story transitions to Salahuddin Ayubi as a grown man planning to conquer the city of Quds in collaboration with Eyyub Bey’s son, the Emperor, marking the beginning of the actual story.

Kudus Fateh Episode 3 Release Date

Türkiye27 Kasım Pazartesi00:16 (Gece yarısı)
Pacific Time (PT)November 272:16 PM
Eastern Time (ET)November 275:16 PM
British Time (GMT)November 2710:16 PM
European Time (CET)November 2711:16 PM
Turkish Time27 Kasım Pazartesi00:16 (Gece yarısı)
Pakistan TimeNovember 28 (early morning)2:16 AM
India Time (IST)November 28 (early morning)2:46 AM
Philippine Time (PHT)November 28 (early morning)5:16 AM
Australia Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)November 28 (early morning)8:16 AM

What will happen in Kudus Fateh Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 3

In the meantime, Salahuddin Ayubi’s soldiers inform him that Crusader soldiers are approaching through the jungle. Salahuddin and his troops ambush the Crusader soldiers in the jungle, launching an attack as soon as they come near. They question the Crusader soldiers about their presence and the name of their commander. The Crusader soldiers reveal that they were sent by Gabriel.

After this revelation, the scene changes, and they are shown the city of Quds. There, Commander Gabriel is depicted committing atrocities not only against Muslims but also against his fellow Christians. All the commanders gather to discuss plans to conquer the city of Asqalan, a strategic point for capturing Quds.

During this time, Salahuddin Ayubi arrives in Quds with his troops. He meets the local commanders and tells them that the army they sent to Quds is now under his control. He suggests that if they want their people to return safely, they should abandon any plans of attack, and Gabriel should be immediately removed from his position. A mysterious girl hides and takes a shot at Commander Gabriel, but he survives, and his soldiers chase after the girl. However, she manages to escape.

Later, when Commander Gabriel interrogates a brother about the girl, Salahuddin Ayubi arrives with his soldiers. Gabriel accuses Salahuddin of attempting to kill him and orders his soldiers to capture Salahuddin. However, the governor intervenes and instructs his soldiers to let Salahuddin go.

When Commander Gabriel questions the brother about the girl, Salahuddin appears with his soldiers. Salahuddin is informed about the girl’s attempt to kill Gabriel, and he orders his soldiers to capture her. However, the girl manages to escape.

Then, Salahuddin is shown again, having killed one of the Crusader soldiers but leaving one alive to gather information. When Salahuddin asks the survivor about Gabriel’s plans, he reveals that they were planning an attack on Asqalan.

Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 3 English Subtitles

Selahaddin Eyyubi Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles



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