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Watch Destan Episode 19 with English, Urdu & Espanol Subtitles Free of Cost

Watch Destan Episode 19 with English, Urdu & Espanol Subtitles Free of Cost

Destan Episode 18 Review

In Destan Episode 19, Alpagu asks about where Kuzu is. Ece said she sent Kuzu for check up the quarantine tent. That night Everyone who ate the wedding food suddenly falls asleep. Akkiz feel that there is something suspicious and wrong and warned Batuga to be careful. Suddenly The dancing at the wedding begin to attack everyone at the tribe. Batuga feel that he is not in condition to fight and slowly slowly start to flee. One of the spies spike Kun Ata.

Kuzu told Ece that spies bombarde during the wedding but Batuga is alive. Ece gets very aggressive because her plan failed and asks the spies to found out Batuga immediately . Akkiz feel very unhappy because Kun Ata died. Batuga says many people have died in the tribe now he just want to bury Kun Ata’s dead body. Akkiz says that Kun Ata is nature’s part and takes him in the forest.

Destan Episode 19 KayiFamily

Kuzu’s spy carryon to watch Batuga. Mei calls Yibek and told him she will provide her smallpox medicine for her daughter. With Mei Yibek goes to quarantine tent. Yibek says she just wants to see her daughter, Temur stops her and said Ilay is dead. Batuga and his friends cover up Kun Ata’s dead body with stones in the forest. Batuga said they will roam to a better place.

Temur found where Alaca is and tells this detalis to Akkiz. Akkiz with Temur and attacks Khan’s soldiers in cave. Batuga with tutkuns waits for Colpan’s speedy recovery and then go to get water from the stream. Kuzu’s attack and cut off Tutkun’s throat. He takes Alaca out of the cave. Akkiz s hugs her mother. The spy then attacked Batuga in the stomach. Alpagu saw Akkiz get her mother but didn’t do anything.

How to watch Destan Episode 19 English & Urdu Subtitles

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Destan Episode 19 English Subtitles

Destan Episode 19 Urdu Subtitles


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