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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 154 English Subtitles Watch Free of Cost

Watch Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 154 English Subtitles Free of Cost

Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 153 Review 

In the previous episode, Shehzade tells that the Young Turks held a gathering in Paris and spread rumors that the Ottomans would lose Rumelia. Hunkar says they’re going to attempt to remove these lies. Meanwhile, the Grand Vizier comes and tells Hunkar that Nazim said that there was a rebellion in Rumelia. Esat starts the rebellion in Albania and says they asked Hunkar to declare constitutionalism. Hunkar says they’re going to declare constitutionalism, but it’s too early for this. It seems that Mahmud met with Hunkar in Payitaht. Mahmud asks Abdulhamid for a few time to find out the names of the masons and suppress the revolts against the state.

Meanwhile, Ismail Hakki comes and starts to wish with Hunkar. Sabahaddin accepts his father’s request. Hunkar then prepares to travel ask engineers working for the Hejaz railway. Mahmud asks Kani to require the letter he prepared to the Ottoman ambassador to Paris. Manyasizade returns to Payitaht after an extended break and meets Talat. As Hunkar is close to depart , he learns that somebody has assassinated Nazim which he has been seriously injured. Hunkar summons Semsi to the palace and sets out. Kani gives Mahmud’s list to the ambassador.Manyasizade tells about the Young Turks in Paris that he started working in newspapers and what he did.

Talat realizes that Hunkar wants constitutionalism, but the present situation isn’t suitable for it. Mary meets with the nurse at the palace and talks to her about Aliye. Mary says she has completed her book and needs to ascertain Aliye before she leaves Payitaht. Hunkar visits the engineers and thanks them for what they’ve done. Engineers inform Abdulhamid about the railway and explain what they’re going to neutralize the longer term . Sabahaddin meets Frida and tries to find out the required names from her. Hunkar asks Semsi to find out about the rebellion. Karasu wants to pay Mahmud’s debt to the hotel, but Kani doesn’t allow him.

Hunkar evaluates the knowledge sent by Semsi and says that opening a replacement assembly remains too risky. The Grand Vizier agrees with a corporation for the new waterway to be inbuilt Konya. Mahmud tries to write down the new names brought by Sabahaddin into a letter. Mary involves the palace and asks how is Aliye. Hunkar talks to Mary and says he knows everything about her and her father. Some treacherous soldiers learn where Semsi goes and make an idea to prevent him. Semsi takes his soldiers with him and sets bent go where Nazim told him. Kani gives the list prepared by Mahmud to the Ottoman ambassador of Paris.

Tahsin tells Hunkar about the new names sent by Mahmud. While reading the documents, Semsi realizes that the ink on the paper has began to disappear. Semsi tries to memorize the knowledge on the paper quickly. Meanwhile, one among the traitors stops Semsi’s car and shoots him repeatedly . Semsi dies at the crime scene. Zuhal poisons the nurse who takes care of Aliye and goes to her room. When Zuhal is close to give Aliye a deadly medicine, Aliye remembers everything. Meanwhile, Mary rushes into the space and tries to prevent Zuhal. The Grand Vizier tells Hunkar that Semsi was killed.

Watch Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 154 English Subtitles

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Payitaht Abdulhamid Episode 154 English Subtitles

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