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Watch Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 10 with English & Urdu Subtitles Free

Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 10 Summary

In Barbaros Hayreddin Episode 10, After Hisam talks to Omer, he goes to the meeting place. Doria follows Hissam and prepares to attack Barbarossa. Barbarossa and Aydin begin to fight. Doria’s soldiers die one by one. When Hayreddin is about to kill Doria, new soldiers arrive. Seydi Ali and Yareli come to help Hayreddin. Although Doria is injured, he manages to escape, but Hisam dies. Hayreddin hugs his friends after the war and asks them to talk to Dervish.

While Dervish is talking to Cemile, Spanish soldiers arrive. The soldiers say they will arrest everyone. Yareli and Seydi kill the soldiers. Dervish then goes to talk to Hayreddin. Hatice starts asking questions to Cafer. Cafer says he doesn’t know anything. Yahya says he will sew Cafer’s mouth up. Cafer starts talking because he is afraid and gives some information about Solomon. Yahya immediately goes to check the ship in the port with Murat.

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Bordino gives Solomon the passport and learns about Sahsuvar. Seyyare and Nazife secretly go to the mansion. Hatice is very happy to see her daughters, but she asks them to be very careful. Seyyare goes to talk to her daughter and helps her sleep. Kemankes goes to the palace to talk to the Sultan. The Sultan allows Pasha to come and tells him about the events near Sicily. The Sultan orders Kemankes to sail immediately with many ships.

Charles says it is very difficult to kill Musa now. The Pope says that a spy will kidnap Musa after the trial and bring him to the palace. Charles allows Christopher to go to Granada at the request of the Pope. Batista returns to the palace. The Queen tells the ambassador what happened to Lomelino. Batista immediately goes to his room and tries to talk to his friend. Lomelino says that the Pope and Alessandro attacked, albeit with difficulty.

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